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Why Are Custom Cakes Expensive?

Custom cakes are always a great way to celebrate the special events in your life…


Fair question. It is common for consumers to compare prices for custom-made cakes to cakes that can be picked up from the local supermarket, but there are different factors to consider.

Supermarket bakeries sell a variety of baked goods that can be quickly mass produced and sold at cheaper prices to reach a larger retail market. These baked goods are made with cheaper ingredients and are often baked weeks ahead of time and placed in a freezer until ready to purchase.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying a supermarket cake. As a single mother, raising my daughter many years ago that was all I could afford but the first time I tasted a freshly baked custom cake I could not believe the difference in the taste - it was AMAZING!!

Ordering a custom cake from Frosted by Catherine means you are getting a very personal level of service from start-to-finish. We take a limited number of orders each week so we can give your custom dessert the attention it deserves.


At Frosted by Catherine there are four factors that determine the cost of your custom cake:

Quality of ingredients.

We pride ourselves by, first, using locally - sourced ingredients (whenever possible), farm fresh eggs and premium high-quality ingredients in every custom cake baked, taste should never be compromised!

Complexity of design and the structure of the cake.

At Frosted by Catherine we believe “less is more”. We specialize in cakes with minimalistic yet classic designs that may look easy, but require a very watchful eye to ensure the frosting is smooth like butter and sets the stage for fresh florals or the design of you choice.

Number of servings.

When you go to a restaurant and order a slice of cake you are charged per serving. No different with a custom cake. Custom cakes can be single tiered and multi-tiered Depending on your needs. The more people you need to feed the more servings you will need.

Design fee.

Designing a custom cake begins well before mixing the ingredients and throwing them in a pan. From the moment we answer the phone or read an email to the moment we deliver the cake and set it up we have invested many hours in design of the cake and that time is valuable.


At Frosted by Catherine our custom cakes start at $6 per serving for buttercream cakes and $9 per serving for fondant covered cakes before tax and delivery. The price of your cake can fluctuate depending on design.


At Frosted by Catherine we are pleased to offer Classic Celebration Cakes in chocolate or vanilla that are baked fresh daily with chocolate or vanilla buttercream and sprinkles. These cakes are made with quality ingredients and are baked and ready for pick-up in 24 hours.


Custom cakes definitely carry a higher price tag than store bought cakes, but they are worth every penny. I hope after reading I have helped you to better understand why custom cakes cost significantly more.

If you would like to order a custom cake from us, please email us at

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